Choose Your Next Escape Room Adventure

Everyones Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

All our rooms continue to be private so you chose your group.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled game.

We do not require masks but, if you are sneezing or coughing please be courteous and wear a mask just to be safe.

Please note that we are located on the second floor and there is not an elevator.

We do not offer refunds. A store credit will be issued for changes made 24 hours before scheduled arrival.

We will not reschedule rooms if you do not show up or call with less than 24 hours notice.

When you make a reservation online you will receive a text confirmation AND an email. Make sure you get an email with a confirmation code. In that email there is a link to sign waivers. Please forward that to everyone in your party and have them sign it.

An adult over the age of 18 is required to be in the room if anyone in the group is under 16.


Always Private Escape Rooms
$30 & Up
Per Person Based on People
Multi Room Adventures
Immersive Environment
60 Minute Escape Game
Private Room
2 Can Play, 4 Suggested
Play Today

The Who

Quandary Escape is an immersive escape room conveniently located In the historic Silversmith Factory at 342 Quinnipiac Street in Wallingford.  What is an escape room you ask? It’s a room filled with puzzles that requires people to work together to complete a mission or, in some cases, escape.

In an escape room you look around at the environment, find hidden objects, solve puzzles, open locks, and decode secret messages to solve a mission. In other words, it’s like playing a life size board game without instructions. Not only do you solve puzzles, but you have the added race against the 60 minute countdown clock that seems to go at an amazingly fast pace.

Quandary is located on the second floor and our rooms have adult themes that may not be appropriate for kids under 15.

The Why

Why are they so popular and who enjoys them? All ages enjoy escape rooms. They bring family and friends on a face to face basis and get everyone off their cell phones for an hour. Yes, I said it! I dare you to put down your cell phone for an hour and have fun! Escape rooms are a great hands on experience that will create lasting memories.

In addition to family fun, offices and corporations love them because they promote team building by communication and collaboration.

If you have teenagers you know what a challenge it is to find something that is not boring or uncool that they might enjoy doing with you. An escape room is the answer. If my three teenagers like them, then yours should too.

The When

Anytime is a good time to have fun! Celebrate a special event like a birthday party, date night, engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette party, retirement party, family reunion or just grab a bunch of friends and come have a fun night out.

Plan your holiday office party or employee appreciation luncheon party. Click here for more information on our private corporate packages.

If you need any other excuses to come have fun, give Heather a call at 860-999-3585 or email us at