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Son of The Zodiac

In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, a madman dubbed “The Zodiac Killer” terrorized the San Francisco area, leaving taunting notes and coded messages for investigators and the press. To this day, he remains unidentified.  Now Connecticut is experiencing a string of disappearances; someone is leaving similarly coded messages and clues for baffled authorities. The media has named this person “Son of the Zodiac”.

You have a prime suspect. Now that you know where he lives, you need to gather enough evidence to prove you deserve the reward.

After bribing the landlord, she agrees to alert you when the suspect leaves and to unlock his apartment door. He only ever leaves for an hour....Can you find what you need in an hour or will you become his next victim?

Suggested Players

4-8 Players


Unlimited Clues


Adult Content
Gun Reference
Jump Scare Option


All Games Are Private